A downloadable game for Windows

This is a game I started working on as a hobby about 2 years ago! It is inspired by the aggressive antics of eastern-European hooligans. It's a lot of fun to play with friends or even against bots (enter -> /toggle bots).

I still work on the game from time to time but I am mostly busy with school, life and other projects. There are a few weird bugs which are hard to fix, but the game is certainly playable and enjoyable despite them. Some of them even provide for some fun messing around, therefore they are officially "features" until they're fixed (Also end of round is absolutely broken and is the work of Satan himself).

If you have questions, feel free to join the discord server. You can easily join it through this button in the help screen of the menu:

Thanks for taking a look and I hope you enjoy my game!

(Credits to my friend Kielbashnikov for making models for guns, vehicles and the player, everybody who playtested the game, and the Hardbass producers who allowed me to use their music! For full credits, click the hammer in the top-right of the menu)

Install instructions

To install the game:

  • download launcher.zip from this website and unzip it (using 7zip, winrar, etc.) into a folder.
  • You should see the file Launcher.exe. Open it and let the game download. This may take a few minutes. Windows may think that the file is not safe due to the lack of a verified publisher. Have no fear, this game doesn't bite (as long as you feed it twice a day). Click "More Info" and "Run Anyway" to proceed.
  • Once the game is downloaded you can play it!

To make a room, make sure to follow these simple steps:


launcher.zip 7 MB


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looks great! cant wait to try  it! is there a discord server link i can join?

Yes! Here it is: https://discord.gg/SBtFmGt